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The pdf file above contains all of the questions published in the GMATQuantum blog. Please download the file and then open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader for all of its features to work properly.

GMAT Strategies: Articles from GMATQuantum Blog


GMAT Data Sufficiency: Consistency of statements

In this video lesson I go over the consistency of the two statements in data sufficiency, and how that can help you avoid falling for trap answers. I discuss two problems in the video, and I have listed them below. Please attempt these two problems and then review my video lesson.


GMAT Problem Solving#80: Tough distance-rate-time problem

Here is a difficult distance-rate-time problem that pretty much uses all the possible concepts in this topic that are tested on the GMAT. This problem is not meant to be done in two minutes. Please spend as much effort you can in setting up the problem, this exercise will help you put an algebraic structure to any distance-rate-time problem on the GMAT.



GMAT Problem Solving#79: Triangles and angle measures

Try this GMAT data sufficiency question on triangles, angles, and external angle theorem.